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Dalmeny Community Church - Day 7

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later! What a joy to come alongside Gary, Joanne and their team here in Mexico! They have blessed us in such incredible ways. Today we had the opportunity to join Pastor Miguel’s church in Merida. What a joy to worship in Spanish and English with our Mexican church family. After that we headed downtown for lunch and experienced the town square come alive with music, food, drama and an open air market.

This past week has flown by so quickly, yet so much has been accomplished. As we head home we have a lot to process with all that has taken place. We had a great time serving as a team, and getting to know each member of our group a lot better. We have seen gifts unwrapped in individuals as they have stepped out in faith and out of their comfort zone to do what God has called them to. It was exciting to see the huge smiles as we served, danced, sang, acted and tried to communicate with individuals who speak a different language than we do. We are amazed as we saw God move in incredible ways. We were all in awe as we heard a testimony of a 3 year old girl who had drowned, and was declared dead by two different hospitals (with hours in between both hospitals) and then how she came back to life after her family prayed!! She is now an amazing young lady with three children!! We serve a mighty God who saves, delivers and sets us free! As our adventure with God continues, may we continue to keep our eyes fixed on Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask for or imagine.

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