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What is the value of a C-Quest trip?


Not all short-term mission trips are equal. When you join C-Quest on a short-term mission or aid trip you become part of a team that makes an eternal impact on the world. Our trips provide a comfortable, safe, and life-changing experience for you, your family, and your friends.

How can I raise the funds necessary to come on a trip?


Fundraising is a critical part of a successful mission trip, not only for the funds raised for the ministry partners, but also to increase awareness for the ministry and to spread the Good News with friends and family


Each team may fundraise for all, or a portion of Trip and Project fees. We encourage you to work with your family, small group, or team to host small events, bake sales, pie auctions, bottle drives, sport events, or other events to raise needed funds. You may also choose to send a Missionary Support Letter to friends, family, and coworkers. Check out the Sample How to Write a C-Quest Mission Support Letter as a guide for your own letter.


What is included in a C-Quest trip?


Our trips provide a comfortable, safe, and life-changing experience for you, your family, and your friends. Our fee structure ensures that all your basic costs are covered upfront, leaving only transportation and incidental costs as extra. Included in your trip fees are:


  • planning, training, and coordination for a standard 9-day trip (seven days of ministry/service, two travel days)

  • local transportation to project sites and cultural activities

  • hotel accommodations in Merida Centro with air conditioning

  • one meal at a local Yucatecan restaurant

  • unlimited filtered drinking water

  • entrance fees to a Mayan archeological site, museum, and cenote


Where do my trip fees go?


C-Quest is a volunteer driven organization that strives to maximize the impact of your investment. Your trip fees are used to cover the following costs:


60%: direct costs such as gas, food, cleaning, admission costs, supplies, project expenses, etc.  

25%: operating costs including utilities, maintenance, and projects necessary to ensure a safe and high quality experience for trip participants.
15%: outreach, administrative, and CRA compliance costs. 








What are the optional project donations used for?


Project donations support our local ministry partners and projects such as Camp John 3:16, Emanuel Orphanage, church planting, and Love in Action projects. Some examples of how your donations may be used are:

  • paint

  • tools

  • building and mini-home makeover materials

  • papaya and tomato plants

  • supplies for pancake / BBQ meals at service events

  • project supplies

  • Bibles, Gospel tracts, and craft supplies

  • English program and other educational materials

  • hygiene and other health-related supplies

  • clothing, shoes, other basic necessities


Are trips tax deductible?


Due to the nature of a C-Quest trip, 100% of trip fees, airfare, and project fees are eligible to be tax receipted by our partner, The Great Commission Foundation – a great advantage on your next income tax return! 


How does a short term mission trip compare to a family vacation?


They are very different. On a cost basis, a C-Quest trip costs roughly the same as a three-star, all-inclusive vacation to Mexico. However, on a return on investment (ROI) basis, there is no comparison between the two. On a family vacation you can expect: family bonding, relaxation and rest, time away from work and normal routine, light language and cultural immersion, good food, entertainment, activities, fun in the sun, and enjoyment.


On a C-Quest trip you can expect: deep bonding as a family, and as a team, individual and family discipleship and spiritual growth, heavy language and cultural immersion, varied project experiences ranging from serving to building to planting to harvesting, cross-cultural evangelism in a diverse mission field, worldview development and extension, devotional and foundational experiences for children and adults alike.


The bottom line: A C-Quest trip provides a unique family experience, with long-term impact and eternal benefits.



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