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The goal for C-Quest's CampQuest program is to reach kids for Christ while helping churches and ministries grow.  What is really exciting about this new program is that it provides an opportunity for churches to take ownership for their own growth while getting the people in their congregations involved in a new, fun approach to outreach. The best time to run camps is during holiday times when kids are not in school, such as summer break, Christmas and Holy Week. Fortunately the Yucatán has many statutory holidays throughout the year, which provides many potential opportunities to host short 2 to 3 day camps.


Tools are important.  Much of the equipment in the CampQuest trailers is new to Mexico…street hockey equipment, parachute games, portable movie theaters, puppets, etc. These unique tools and activities are very attractive and make the camps even more special for the kids…especially in remote locations and villages. Currently, we have two 11-foot CampQuest cargo trailers fully equipped with everything needed in order to run a five-day VBS-style CampQuest event.  Each trailer contains a variety of sports equipment, sound equipment, a 12-foot movie screen and projector, puppets, four pop-up canopies for shade, program materials in Spanish, materials for crafts, and a variety of other equipment.


Anyone can access the program.  Churches that want to participate in CampQuest events send their leaders to our C-Quest ministry base for two days of training.  We are also available to take the training events to them should they be unable to travel to Progreso. Following this training in the philosophy and methodologies of how to run such a camp, partner churches then reserve the trailer when they want to host a camp.  We deliver the trailer to the location where the camp is hosted and pick it up when the camp is finished.


Mobility is the key!  This format of bringing the camp to the people can be the first exposure to the gospel for many children.  These CampQuest events are hosted almost anywhere…in remote villages, on the beach, in central squares, in parks, and even in parking lots.


Follow-up is critical. One of the most important responsibilities that our Mexican church partners have is to connect weekly with every child who attends a camp for at least a year following that camp.  This follow-up and ongoing connection is a critical aspect in the growth stategy of churches who participate in CampQuest.  We know from past experience, that once the campers are connected and feel comfortable in their relationship with the local church, the parents often follow and the churches grow.


CAMPQUEST PROGRAM - Day Camps for Kids

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