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Every C-Quest trip is as unique as the individuals who make up the group. C-Quest can design an experience tailored to suit the needs and goals of your group. Contact us to discuss your trip today.

What do we do on a C-Quest Mission Trip?


We believe that people get the most from mission trips when they get involved. There are plenty of opportunities to do just that when you go on a C-Quest mission trip. 

Here are just a few. We will customize the trip as best we can, according to the team's wishes.


1. Ministry to Mayan Villages
2. CampQuest Ministry - Arts-based Gospel Programs
3. Bible Camp Construction
4. Local Youth Group Ministry
5. Light-work Building Projects
6. Serving Pancake Breakfasts 
7. Beach Evangelism 

8. Mini-Home-Makeovers
9. Hospital Outreach and Prayer Ministry
10. Showing Christian movies
11. Prayer Ministry
12. Orphan Ministry



What does a C-Quest Trip Look Like?



That really depends on what you want.  There is a broad range of needs in the community. We will customize each trip to suit the passions and experience of your group. Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish on the trip, we walk with you to ensure that all team members receive proper training and orientation.  We will handle all of the logistics for projects, and ensure that everything is ready when you arrive. We make the travel arrangements for the team. Once the team has arrived, we conduct some cultural orientation, review roles and responsibilities, train people if necessary, and then begin our ministry activities. We take short breaks from time to time to enjoy some of the fascinating culture and educational oportunities offered in the Yucatan, such as visiting a Mayan ruin and swimming in a cenote.  At the end of the trip we conduct debriefing sessions to allow team members an opportunity to process their experiences.

Don’t have a team?  Don’t worry.  Call us and we can help you find one to join.  We may even have unique opportunities to serve for just you!








What To Bring




A passport is required for all travelers to Mexico.  Any minors not accompanied by both parents need an affidavit by both legal guardians authorizing them to travel abroad. Click here to access the form from Passport Canada.

If a child (under the age of 18) is travelling to Mexico – either alone or with a third party of legal age (such as a relative or another adult) – he/she must present a valid passport, as well as a letter signed by both parents (or those with parental authority or guardianship over the minor).

According to the Embassy of Mexico, the text of this letter “must contain the parents’ express authorization for the minor to travel alone or, if applicable, information on the adult who is authorized to be responsible for the minor during the trip. The document must state the purpose and length of the trip and specify the dates of entry and departure, as this will be a requirement for allowing the minor to leave Mexican territory.” 

Please see this link for more information:


Personal Items

1. Bible and Journal

2. Personal Toiletries
3. Insect repellant
4. Sunscreen
5. Sunglasses
6. Personal first aid, Tylenol, bandages, cough candies, etc.
7. Camera
8. Water bottle

9. Beach towel 

10. Ear plugs (if you're a light sleeper)


Please ensure that your clothing is modest and comfortable. Remember it can get hot, humid, and/or rainy. Pack for a 9 day trip, as laundry services are not available.

Clothing to bring along:

1. Summer clothing, shorts and t-shirts.  Shorts should be "board-style" longer shorts (no        

    shorter than mid-thigh).  No lace, spandex or short shorts please.
2. Swimsuit (tankini or one-piece) and cover-up
3. Light sweater or jacket
4. Sandals and good walking shoes.  You may want a pair of water shoes (especially for kids)
5. Work clothes and shoes (suitable for painting)
6. Summer weight dress clothes for church services
7. Hat 

8. One pair of pants

Time to Experience the Culture

We believe that the best disciples learn to love God’s people by experiencing their culture. We will take you through a cultural orientation right at the site of an ancient Mayan ruin, explaining local history, customs and beliefs of the Mexican and indigenous people. We may spend one afternoon enjoying some of the fascinating scenery and sites of the area such as the world famous cenotes of the Yucatan and the mercados of Merida.

Concerned about Safety?


Mexico, one of the world’s great travel destinations, is often singled out for violent crime without telling the whole story. While there is sporadic violence in some parts, the majority of Mexico’s key tourism areas are not only safe, but safer than many other popular tourism areas.


The magnificent beaches and ancient ruins of the Mexican State of Yucatan are among the safest and most spectacular resort beaches in the world. Yucatan’s low homicide rate is lower than the rural U.S. States of Wyoming, Montana, Oregon and North Dakota, West Virginia and several others. For more statistics and information, please follow this link:


Additionally, C-Quest's base in Progreso, Yucatan is very safe within a fully walled compound with entry gates, a video survellience system, security lights and bars on all windows and entry doors. At C-Quest, we want all our guests to feel as comfortable as they would in their own home. Safety at all times is C-Quest's utmost priority. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 



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