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Again we were blessed with a sunny day & clear blue skies, with a slight breeze off the ocean. We had an early breakfast and were on the road by 8:30. Sadly, Gary and Joanne stayed behind for some much deserved rest. Flight 374 (base van) was piloted by Captain Jim Postlethwaite and co-piloted by Alejandro, with Mickey directing us with the GPS.

We arrived safely at the Ecological Centre on the east side of Merida, where Kary, Darcy, Sara and Yucatán Bill and 1,026 species of birds were waiting for us. After a very educational time learning about birds we said goodbye to Kary and got in the van and drove west to Celestun.

There we got on board two flat-bottom canopy covered boats, providing shade from the blazing HOT sun. Our driver Felipe took us on an amazing trip to see the Flamingos – not one flamingo, not two, but five to ten thousand pink flamingo's! And why are they pink Sam? Because they eat shrimp larvae. After being in awe for 30 minutes, we stopped to see a fleet of frigates (warships), as well as some pelicans sitting in the trees. It was very stinky from all the bird droppings.

We then proceeded downstream, made a very hard left through a heavily treed canal to a dock, disembarking at a swimming hole with fresh water flowing into a salt water estuary. We walked to the end of the boardwalk and were shocked to see a 7-foot long crocodile. Several of us wanted to cool off and swim. Kathy was the last one out of the water before the crocodile swam by. It was so exciting. Our Flamingo excursion was over and we drove 10 minutes to the beach at Celestun where we enjoyed snacks and a Jamaican cold drink. Another great adventure in the Yucatán.

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