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What a great day! Our team went to Camp John 3:16, which is a youth camp still under construction – and a dream of Pastor Gama. The men helped mix concrete, while the rest of us learned to pick ripe papayas (from plants that were planted one year ago by another team). They will be sold at a local market to help raise funds for the camp.

Then some of us helped prepare lunch in their outdoor kitchen with dear Tina, the camp manager’s wife. I even got to help her roll and press salbutes (like a homemade tortilla), which she fried in hot oil and we topped with chicken (grilled on the open fire), lettuce, tomato, etc. Delicious!!

After lunch we heard the touching story of Pastor Gama’s life, which was headed down some bad roads before coming to Christ at a youth camp. And now he’s building a camp to help others! Many of us shed tears!

Sadly, we said goodbye to six of our team members who had to leave early. We will miss them. We bonded well as a team, and had great times together!

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