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Another day ready to serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus! Our agenda started with a devotional by Jim, helping us to keep our focus and bring the kingdom of God to the earth. He talked about faith and how it grows on our journey with Christ.

Later, our ministerial service took us to ‘Casa de los Abuleos’ (Grandparents Home) in the morning, and in afternoon to Hospital Horan. At the home we made and served pancakes with fruit and traditional maple syrup, bringing the flavours of Canada to the seniors. The abuelos showed us their deep gratitude. Every resident of this place has his own story of pain and desolation, but the love, compassion, and care of God has embraced their lives. God has used a woman of faith, Estela, to do His work. When the time came to say ‘Adios amigos’, we knew that God had spoken to us through this unforgettable experience, reminding us that faith is action.

Again Faith!! Pastor Miguel invited us to pray on the land that God had provided for the construction of a church. In our human eyes, this land is located in a desolate area, but God already has a plan. His purpose and timing are perfect. Pastor Miguel and his team are trusting in God.

The last activity of our agenda! We set up to serve pancakes for supper at the main entrance of Hospital Horan, where people travel from neighbouring pueblos to take care of their loved ones in the hospital, often passing the nights on the street because they do not have the money to buy a bus ticket, or worse a bite of food. We invited everyone to come enjoy pancakes! People responded – a long line of people looking for physical food. However, there were some who wanted another kind of food – the true food that is forever, Jesus the bread of life.

Thanks God for teaching us what faith is!

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