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This morning started out with a thick, heavy blanket of clouds covering the sky – increasing the humidity to 200%, if that’s even possible. The saving grace was a nice, cool breeze. Our schedule began the same as everyday, with a devotion time. Tom, who had volunteered and prompted by the Holy Spirit, focused on prayer and a verse from Philippians 4:6 which says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” We had a time of sharing and then split up for prayer in groups of two. After yet another wonderful breakfast we hopped into the van for the first ministry event.

First stop was the Emmanuel Orphanage with Pastor Miguel and Alicia. We arrived at the orphanage and set up for the morning program. Things went smoothly with everyone doing their part. We pulled it off, yet again. The kids were adorable. It was such a privilege to serve them and the directors of the orphanage, Victor and Lupita.

Later, after our siesta, we enjoyed a traditional flan dessert before heading out to our next ministry event. This time it was with Pastor Gama at a town called Tixcuncheil, one hour away. We played soccer, basketball, and hula-hoop with a large group of kids. Some black clouds started to roll in so we hopped into action, completing the program like we’d been doing it for years. We handed out toys and packed up, just before losing daylight. It was another amazing serve. Hearing Gama preach was so amazing, even when you don’t understand the language. Beautiful! We arrived home and unloaded the van to make room for the BBQ for the breakfast serve in the morning. We had a wonderful meal of pulled pork sandwiches and later, a much deserved sleep. Thank you Lord for an awesome day.

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