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What a great way to start our second day! Led by Kathy, we started our day in the Word. After a quick and delicious breakfast, prepared by Alex our local chef, we loaded into the van for an educational morning of exploring the local area ruins, Dzibilchaltún, and cooling off in a beautiful cenote. We can only imagine the despair and loss the Mayan people must have faced at the hands of the Spanish conquerors. This morning was truly a treat for all of us. After filling up on fuel for our bodies, we loaded into the van a second time to travel to the city of Hunucma to share our first program – the story of Noah, puppets, face painting, and balloon making. The city can only be described as impoverished – filled with substance abuse, illiteracy, and scattered with garbage. The people were warm, inviting, and extremely grateful to have us come and share the Word. We prayed for their pastor before we left. As we travelled back in the van, we were grateful for this experience, as well as being reminded that we were heading back to a home base with beds, glass windows, and enough food to fill us all.

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