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Millar College of the Bible Mission Trip

Day 13 in Mexico – Home makeover day!

I have been excitedly waiting for this day since we were told about it. Gary and Joanne explained this upcoming project to us when we drove past Pastor Miguel and Alicia’s house in Merida on the way to our first program. Pastor Miguel and Alicia partner with C-Quest, giving generously of their time and resources to advance God’s kingdom. They live modestly and pour their hearts into the community, rather than into their home. Today we were privileged to bless them with a mini home makeover. Assisted by Manuel (C-Quest’s skilled maintenance man) we renovated the bathroom, started painting the exterior, and repaired the roof.

When we arrived Alicia welcomed us with these words “Mi casa es su casa,” meaning “My house is your house.” From there the hospitality did not stop with offers of ice cold water and making sure we took enough breaks, to serving a tasty lunch and entertaining our children.

The Cuthill family (C-Quest missionaries based in Merida) came in the afternoon to help with the work. They had taken Pastor Miguel and Alicia to Home Depot on the weekend to pick out paint colors and purchase the new bathroom fixtures and lighting. Today they brought a new door for the bathroom.

During a water break in the afternoon, both Pastor Miguel and Alicia expressed their thanks to our team and gave thanks to God for His blessing. I don’t think I could have smiled anymore today. What a joy to serve this family with my hands.

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