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Westpointe Community Church Mission Trip

Hola! This morning we started with team devotions. Abby opened our day up with thoughts on fitting in. We aren’t meant to be the same, nor be liked by everyone. After breakfast we were ready, wearing our team shirts, and off to Church!

We sat in on the Spanish service and soaked it in as much as we could. During Children’s Church we presented our last program for the Spanish Church kids. They loved the songs and were quick to learn the spinning actions that Joanne and [George] were demonstrating for them. After the program, we designed balloon swords and animals for the kids.

Later we went to Merida to meet up with Kary and Darcy to do some shopping and touring! We were fascinated by the unique abundance of items in the market. We stopped at an Italian Café and treated ourselves. Afterwards some of the team toured the Catholic Church with the world’s largest crucifix. As well, we saw the governor’s palace and other sites in downtown Mérida. A few of the team bought real vanilla, hammocks, hot sauce, clothing, jewelry, and other gifts.

After shopping we went out for supper to Los Trompos for pizza, fajitas, tacos, salads, and more. The cheesecake was splendid and we all enjoyed our time together. It was a good way to end our trip as a team. After supper we picked up a few more items from the market and shops, and watched live entertainment on the streets! It was a well spent day!

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