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Wow! (The Bridge)

It is hard to believe we have been here only five full days, as every day has been full of activity and new experiences. I knew we would be doing mini programs but didn't know I'd be part of a song and dance chorus, a play, and doing performance art (a chalk illustration of Blondine the tightrope artist crossing Niagara Falls!)

The team feels like a large family now and it is wonderful having three generations living and working together and caring for one another.

It is also a gift being able to use my Spanish again. It is rusty but words are coming back every day. This afternoon it was really good to sing a Spanish praise song that I learned 20 years ago, with Sandra, the Yucatan woman who comes to help in the kitchen. When we visited Camp John 3:16 on Monday I had a moving conversation with Gama about the lives he has seen transformed in his ministry so far. One young man who was helping us, Geraldo, comes from a very painful background but has been changed tremendously since he gave his life to the Lord. There was such joy in his smile.

During our mini home makeover project today I chatted in both English and Spanish with Jerry the home owner. He was really pleased with the result of the cleaning and painting. When we finished, his response in both English and Spanish was "WOW!"

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