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Family Mission Trip - March 2023

Final Day:

The team finished the week off returning to Camp John 3:16 where we had worked earlier in the week. They played parachute games and floor hockey with the kids until it became too hot to play.

Gary did some illusions to start us off and then we performed our Noah program one last time.

The children were so engaged and listened intently as the invitation was given by Gama to receive Christ. Several children went up to be prayed for. Joanne led them in creating the wordless bracelet to share the greatest story of what Jesus did for them, with others. They finished off the morning with a craft, a pinata and cookies.

Here are a few comments from team members:

- It was great going back to the camp that we had worked at, to meet some of the people that Gama is working with.

- The kids were all so excited to be there and they were joyful with the experience.

- It was cool to see people go up when Gama asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ.

- It was full circle - he accepted Jesus at a camp when he was a teenager and now he's helping others do that at his camp.

- They were all smiles. Today was good to understand, in a small way, the vision Gama has for the camp. I enjoyed seeing the parents come with their kids making it quite an age range in attendance.

- All the kids were so engaged in the games, singing and dancing to the song and listening to the program.

- Our team just clicked and everything went so well.

- I really hope Gama gets the money he needs to build the pool.

- Gama is giving lots of opportunities for the kids. It's obvious the camp is a haven for people in the area.

Gama commented how engaged the team was with the children and the program was performed very well. Well done team! God bless you for joining us on this adventure to share the love of Jesus with children and adults in Mexico!


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