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Okotoks Evangelical Free Church - Day 8


On Saturday night, we had the privilege of hearing the testimony of a local pastor named Miguel. Someone that Gary and Joanne work closely with here in Progresso. He told us how he came to know Christ through witnessing an incredible miracle in his family, and therefore promising to spend the rest of his life serving God. It was an incredibly moving story, that had me choked up pretty much the whole time. But the most impactful part of it all was getting to attend his church Sunday morning, and witnessing his obedience in living out that promise. Pastor Miguel and his congregation are currently in the process of (attaining land and) building their church. But in the meantime, Miguel hosts their services in his own home. (He even knocked out a wall just to be able to fit in more people).

That has been a big part of what God has been teaching me this week, is what it really looks like to follow Him. Gary and Joanne have also been excellent examples of what Christianity should look like. They have made so many sacrifices to be ministering in Progreso, and they radiate the love of Jesus. They spend all their energy sharing that love with everyone that they meet, through every kind of obstacle that could be thrown at them.

We spent the afternoon at a market in Merida, where we got to show off the few Spanish phrases we learned. We got one last taste of the delicious food and incredible culture, and in some cases, we got one last sunburn. It was the perfect end to the perfect week. However, as I’m writing this on the airplane home, I am reminded that it isn’t just souveneirs, sun tans, and bug bites we are returning home with. We are all taking with us experiences that have forever changed the way we think, and memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. God is working in incredible ways in Mexico, and it was such an honour to play a small part in that, with C-Quest!

God Bless,


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