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Okotoks Evangelical Free Church - Day 5

This evening at our program with a church in Merida, the pieces of the puzzle all started to fall into place for me. I preface this by saying I was adamant about not going on this trip when it was first proposed last summer. I doubted I would be useful for the cause or it would be useful for me. Begrudgingly I make a last minute decision to come anyways. Zaccheus is the basis of our ministry this week and the message of prioritizing and being intentional with your actions is not only a valuable tool to introduce the Gospel to those here that need a gentle invitation, but also a forceful reminder for those, like myself, that need it. Through broken English and Spanish the connections that we made with these kids through our crafts and presentation will sew the seeds they need to inspire a life lead by the one and only. It would be impossible for us to sort out every situation down here, but by ushering in the message of the Lord to those who need it, we can move mountains. The boys spent a few hours together with Jorge putting the finishing touches on the renovations sponsored by C-Quest. Although we were put to shame by Jorge's grandfather in-law, we tried our best to insulate his walls as best we could. All-in-all, the joy of giving both physical and spiritual gifts is a blessing to our team, as well as those we have the privilege of working alongside.

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