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WestPointe Community Church - Grande Prairie -- Day 3

Today has been an exciting day of cultural experience and ministry. Joanne led us around the Mayan ruins nearby, and we swam in a cenote. Later, we performed our puppet show, memory verse, and Drime at a CampQuest event. CampQuest is a C-Quest evangelistic children’s program, based out of Progreso. It was a challenge to communicate with my very limited Spanish, as most of the children there didn’t speak any English. It changed my perspective on people who don’t know English in Canada. I would ask something I learned in Spanish and the kids would rattle off an answer in Spanish, and I would struggle to understand a word here and there. Overall it was a very full day, with not a moment to spare travelling and Ministering. We saw God moving in the faces of the children, and also changing us in how we view people, and what God can do when we are willing.


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