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Fluevog Blog - Day 1


After quite the journey south, this years Fluevog C-Quest team has arrived in Progreso, Mexico! Six Fluevogologists are on the Volunteer trip this year and throughout the week we will be sharing our experiences.

Our first day consisted of learning about the Yucatan culture, a crash course in Spanish as well as getting settled into our base camp. Part of the culture here embraces a more slower pace than in the cities we call home. A daily “Siesta” from roughly 2pm-4pm is quite common, this time is used for rest, reflection and for families to spend time together.

With this being day one, most of us were far to eager to embrace a slower pace and went right out to walk the beach and see the area.

To put our morning lessons to the test, we were sent on a scavenger hunt in downtown Progreso. Challenges ranged from learning the layout of the streets to chatting with locals to learn a Mayan phrase. A scary but exciting task knowing only a handful of Spanish words!

A big part of the upcoming week is spending time with children from Emmanuel Orphanage and visiting Casa de los Abuelos. We spent time organizing the donations we brought with us, including a lot of pencils and erasers from the Math Sale. *Thanks to stores that sent us their contributions. We learned they are in high demand.

Rounding out the evening prep was balloon animal 101! We are all now pros at making disproportionate animals, silly swords and hearts that don’t look like hearts that will bring smiles and laughter during our visits.

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