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Fluevog Blog - Day 2 - Hunucma

It is day 2 of our adventure! We are settling into our new surroundings and have begun our work with the communities that we came to serve. We started the morning at the Emmanuel Orphanage. The children were a bit shy but welcoming, and after a quick ice breaker game to help us learn each other’s names, we joined the kids in making a few craft projects. We painted photo frames that the kids will decorate further in the week. The frames will hold photos of us with the children that we have been paired up with for the time that we are here. After craft time and some free play it was time for pizza! The preferred seasoning on pizza is a mixture of chili powder and flakes, and all of the children ate their pizza this way. Some of us were even brave enough to try it! Tanya brought letters from her Brownie group to share with the girls in the orphanage. They were thrilled to receive letters from their new Canadian friends and jumped right into writing them back. We spent our evening in a small community called Hunucma where we prepared a hot dog BBQ for a fledgling church that our C-Quest hosts have been assisting for the past 3 years. This community has high unemployment and widespread substance abuse, and this church provides much needed support in the community. The church building is a work in progress, and is starting to take shape, but the sanctuary is still out in the open with no roof. We prepared dinner for about 80 people, from the very young to the very old. A mariachi band came from nearby Merida to provide entertainment for the evening- ole! It has been a busy and long day, but serving the people has been gratifying and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure.

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