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Brentview Baptist Youth Mission Trip

Ministry Day 8 – Tuesday

This morning we had to wake up early again to go to an orphanage. After eating breakfast we had a nice, air conditioned ride to the orphanage. At the orphanage we spent the morning doing our program. I love doing the program. It’s one of my favourite things about this mission’s trip. I had expected the orphanage to be more run down and the kids not very well cared for, but instead the home was really nice and the kids were very healthy.

During our program the kids were really into the dancing part and happy to do the actions along with us. After that, we had the opportunity to hang out with the kids, and learn about the orphanage. I made balloon animals for them, and they had their faces painted and each received a toy. It was great to see them so grateful for our program and the toys. Some of them didn’t want us to leave, and others said they never wanted this day to end. We had given them happiness, and hopefully they will hold onto that memory for the rest of their lives.

In the late afternoon, we did our program in a public square. It was ONE of my favourite programs. As we were doing the program bystanders from all around, including people in their shops, came to see our program. It made me feel good to know that people acknowledged Jesus because they watched our program. It was an amazing feeling.

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