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Brentview Baptist Youth Mission Trip

Ministry Day 7 – Monday

On the 27th of July 2015,

A fence was painted

Because the walls were tainted.

And gladly no one fainted.

We also moved sand

All across the land

To make a path,

And then had a bath (shower).

Before the bath, we went to the ocean.

Your kids did not apply lotion.

Some people got burnt,

But we all learnt

To wear sun lotion

When we're serving near the ocean.

In the ocean we went for a swim.

Thankfully, no one lost a limb.

It was rather not grim.

We also had lunch.

It was a punch

To the tummy,

Which was yummy

We had a siesta.

It was a fiesta.

(Big mistake, don't be loud during siesta).

Many people came to Christ,

Because our program effectively enticed

The Mexican people to take a leap

Into a religion that they will keep

In their hearts forever.

Through every endeavour

We ended the day

With a big hooray,

And went into our beds

To rest our heads.

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