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Brentview Baptist Youth Mission Trip

Ministry Day 1 – Tuesday

What an exciting start to a mission trip.

After a rude alarm and an essential cup of coffee, I led the team in a daily devotion using the well-known scripture passage John 13, where we read about the astonishing Jesus and his radical acts of servanthood. Unpacking a few points I had learned about this text, I encouraged and challenged everyone to grab this time on our mission trip to demonstrate love by serving one another, especially with those in the Mexican communities where we will be serving.

After a tasty breakfast we had a quick cultural brief from Gary Edwards. He touched on the history of the Mexican locals and gave us insight into their way of life and understanding. This was actually very interesting and useful for us!

As the day grew hot, we found ourselves appreciating each other's company while organising donated items to bring to various ministry locations, and later while preparing our evangelistic program. The students and leaders gave a ton of effort working hard on the drama, songs, puppets, and chalk art in preparation for ministry events Wow…we are blessed to have such a talented and motivated team!

In the later afternoon, we mingled and divided into teams, jumped in the van, and drove to downtown Progresso for an exciting scavenger hunt around the local stores and sights. Courtney even got a picture with a live iguana on her head!

Later, after playing some team building board games and having a Sabbath, we turned in early to be rested for an early start the next morning.

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