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Millar College of the Bible Mission Trip

It's crazy to think that it's already day 18 here in Progreso! Time has flown by and I couldn't be more excited about the many ways I have seen God move.

This morning after breakfast we headed to a boys rehabilitation camp to perform our program. It was a different atmosphere than what we were used to; the audience being all teen boys, and only about 10 of them. Although our program is more tailored towards a younger audience, it was very neat to see how God still captivated the boys and used the program as a way to proclaim the gospel message to them.

The boys all seemed to be very enthused by Gary's magic tricks, which he performed at the beginning. Throughout the program it was neat to see how fitting the theme of our program, "Choices", was for these boys. Calum was able to share his testimony with the boys. I felt like it was very impacting for the boys to hear how God grabbed hold of Calum's heart and transformed it, despite some of his life choices.

After we finished our soccer game (and no we didn't get completely destroyed!), we were able to hear a little bit about the boys program there. We were told that after their time at this home, the goal is to have the boys step out and serve in the local church. There have been a few who have come out of this program whose lives have been completely changed, and they have been serving in various roles at Calvary Chapel in Mérida.

In the evening we headed to a pueblo called Sac-Nichte. There we performed our program in a park. It was a very cool opportunity, because tonight was the second meeting for the church plant to bring an evangelical church to this pueblo. There were about 125 people there, and about 30 people raised their hands to accept Christ into their lives at the end of the evening! All glory to God for his work in this place!

Overall, I thought it was very neat to be able to share the love of Christ with two very different groups of people during our programs today. A highlight was being able to connect again with a father and his two young daughters who I had previously met at the church. I love, how despite the language barrier, there is still the common bond of Christ between us.

As we are nearing the end of our trip, prayer for strength, energy, and enthusiasm in all we do would be so much appreciated. Thank you to all those who have been praying. We all greatly appreciate it!

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