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Millar College of the Bible Mission Trip

Day 17! Today was another very full day – just like we have experienced throughout most of this week – doing a couple different work projects. We finished off the new roof we had been working on for the past two days at a home in Progreso, which was in desperate need of something to keep the water out for the upcoming rainy season. It was great to be able to help these people and show the love of Christ to them in this way. Also, it was very cool to interact with them, and the kids that were hanging around, and see their willingness to help us with some of the work. They even provided drinks and snacks for us while we worked! We pray that as we were helping them, they will have seen the love of Christ and come to a saving faith in Him. Also, some of our team worked at the base painting one of the walls, putting the finishing touches on the new puppet stage, cleaning out the vans, and doing various other jobs. Everything looked pretty good when we got back from the work site – with the fresh paint job and shiny vans!

After a period of rest in the afternoon, we headed to the nearby community of Flamboyanes to do a program with one of the C-Quest partners, Sandra, who has been running a ministry in the town working with the children there. It was so great to be able to interact with the kids as we did our program, and later help serve food to the kids! Also, it was a different experience to do the program on the roof of the new building being set up for this ministry. We could see the surrounding community and feel the breeze come through, which we all welcomed! It was a great day to get some work done. We also spent a lot of time interacting with the local people, with our love for them continuing to grow.

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