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Millar College of the Bible Mission Trip

Day 16! Well, we've passed the halfway mark of being here in Progreso. God has challenged, comforted, strengthened, and taught all of us in such personal ways these past two weeks. The way our team has continued to come together and work as one unit on this trip, has been a continuous answer to prayer.

This morning Mike led us in devotions. He reminded us of our depravity before Jesus and how wretched our flesh really is. However, through the cleansing blood of Jesus, He has poured out grace and never-ending love. A love that we now have to share with the world around us.

After devotions and breakfast the team headed out with Gary, Joanne, and their staff member Manuel to a home here in Progreso. When we arrived to put a new roof on the house, our team was in a bit of shock as to what this “house” really was. My heart broke for them because they live in such poverty. It also caused me to think about the poverty that people live in when they do not have Christ as their Saviour. Though it's something we don't physically see, the sorrow and devastation is so much more severe than any physical poverty in the world. As the guys began to work on the roof, the rest of us either played with the children or picked up garbage in the surrounding streets and at the playground. Some of the kids jumped in and helped, which was so encouraging. It was a great reminder that we need to be examples. Whether we realize it or not, people pay attention to our actions – and God will use that in such amazing ways, as they follow our example.

After lunch we took a much needed siesta before heading out to Mérida for a program. We had the privilege of going to an orphanage to perform our program for the kids – six boys and six girls – who lived there. After our performance and spending time playing with the kids, the couple who started the orphanage shared their testimony with the team. They had previously been involved with prison ministry, but realizing the effect prison was having on the people’s children, God laid it on their hearts to start an orphanage for kids whose parents are in jail. They are also involved with rehabilitation for those in jail. One of the guys, who is now a believer, even shared his testimony with us through a translator. As much as we went to be a blessing to them, their testimony – and the way they are providing a home for those precious children – was even more of a blessing to our team. What a privilege it was to serve such selfless and God-centred people.

Please continue to pray for our team and the staff here at C-Quest, that God would provide us with strength, love, patience, and selflessness as we continue to serve the wonderful people of the Yucatán.

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