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Millar College of the Bible Mission Trip

Day 3 in Mexico! This morning we started off with devotions lead by Gloria, reminding us to pray for big things – because we have a big God! This was a good reminder for me, especially while here in Mexico. We want our ministry here to be effective; for that to happen, prayer is essential.

After devotions and breakfast we had the opportunity to visit some Mayan ruins and learn more about their culture and religion. The Mayan people had many different gods that they worshipped like the sun god, the moon god, etc. It was crazy to think, as we climbed the stairs to the top of the structures, that the Mayan people would have done the same a couple thousand years before. To see how God has preserved the ruins for so many years was amazing. At the ruins we swam in a cenote! A cenote is a natural water pool that the Mayan people used for sacrifices. Now it is used for swimming and cooling off, while little goldfish nibble at your feet.

Our afternoon was spent going over our program and perfecting it for our first outing on Saturday! It is so cool to see how God is already using this program to impact the lives of our team. I feel so privileged that God saw fit to put me on this team, and I am so encouraged by the way our team works together. What Andrea said is true – people are being pushed out of their comfort zones, but they are doing well. I am so excited to be able to serve the Mexican people with this team!

Finally, in the evening, part of our team joined a youth group here in Progreso. We split off into guys and girls and talked about maturity. Whether we thought our peers were mature, and what it should look like to imitate Christ’s maturity. Although we couldn’t understand what was being said in Spanish, those sitting next who knew English would translate for us – which was so nice! I could tell that God was working in the lives of those young people, because they always had something more to say! They want to see Christ imitated in the lives of those around them!

Please pray for us as we have our first ministry outings. Pray that we would not be nervous, but would allow God to work through any weaknesses we may feel.

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