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Westpointe Community Church Mission Trip

Today was our first day of ministry! After a full day of training on Monday, it was time to get out there and be a blessing! Our morning included serving pancakes at a seniors centre run by a Christian lady and several other volunteers. These seniors all have stories, with the prevailing theme being – most of them were abandoned by their families. They have nowhere to go. This lady takes them in, feeding and providing for their needs. It is truly a faith ministry. She often wonders where the provisions will come from – but God always provides! Our team was impacted with the reality that in God's eyes, everyone has incredible value...even the least of these.

After a bite to eat and a quick siesta, we were back in the van and on our way to a Bible camp to. First, we played soccer and Hoola hoop with the children, and used the parachute to play a game. Then Gary started the program with some "magic" tricks. We presented our Zacchaeus program, with everyone doing a great job. We really enjoyed the energy of 60-70 kids and leaders who joined in.

After our program we made balloon animals for the kids, as well as face painting. The kids especially liked the sword and heart balloons. We arrived back to C-quest base around 7:30pm and were pleased with the news that pizza was on its way! All in all - a great day!

We were reminded today that regardless of our place in society, whether rich or poor, abandoned or surrounded by those we care about, we are all deeply loved by God. We will have a lot of visiting to do in heaven with all our new friends from Mexico.

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