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Spring Break 2015 Mission Trip - Day 2

Five years ago he surveyed the dry Mexican land – that had been placed in his hand – and offered it back to the God who gave it. At the same time on a Canadian winter’s day, two-year-old hands played with cars on the living room floor when the little boy stopped to say – “need water."

This is the account of Gama and Noah, and a day – five years later – that we witnessed the way our God intricately weaves distance and dreams into abundant life-giving water.

Today on our C-Quest mission trip our family saw a God-given dream come true. We have been raising money, to provide water for a place that so desperately needs it, since our son said those remarkable words five years ago. At that time I started a website called Noah's Well; and Noah collected bottles, to return to the "stinky" depot, to raise money for the fund. We didn't know where the well would be, but we waited on God to see what He had in mind – even when years passed and it seemed like nothing was happening at all.

So you can imagine what it was like to see the existence of “Noah's Well” as it dripped water across a large field onto the papaya trees the team had planted. Last year this area was dry, thick brush without a water source. Now it will provide food and income to sustain Camp John 3:16 where many will be drawn to hear Christ’s message of salvation.

I wish I could fully explain the feeling of being in the water, as it shot up over us, after Noah and his dad turned it on. But I'll say this. It felt like joy. It felt refreshing, not only for the body in the heat, but for our spirits and our hearts. We were so touched by Gama’s words, as he honoured and blessed our son during a ceremony he had planned to share the future plans for the camp.

After the ceremony, the team painted in the main building, worked hard in "the kitchen" to provide a traditional Mexican meal, built a chicken coop, and helped move rocks.

While at the rock pile, I asked God for a heart [sign]. I had been thinking He would likely answer with a heart rock, as He has done in the past. After a few minutes of looking on the ground, I looked up and there in the sky was a perfectly shaped heart cloud. I dropped to my knees and cried out in praise to God for giving this sign of His love, not only to me, but also in a form that showed His love over Camp John 3:16. Keep looking up. There is hope.

Later on the team served pancakes and handed out balloon animals outside a hospital in Mérida to hundreds of people waiting for their loved ones. Fourteen people [that we know of] gave their lives to the Lord during that time.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9 NIV).

During team prayer, God showed me a picture of each team member, with backpacks full of seeds, tossing handful after handful everywhere they went. Having already seen an exciting harvest on this mission trip, we know the harvest will continue to spread far and wide after the wheels of our plane take-off from this beloved ground. But we won't be leaving those backpacks behind. We'll be taking them with us, to consciously sow those seeds of the Gospel back home.

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