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RockPointe Family Adventure Trip - Day 3

This morning the Team practiced the complete Missionary Arts Program – “Noah” in preparation for tomorrow afternoon’s performance. This was Day 2 of practice, and with God’s good grace and the help of the Holy Spirit things were starting to shape up nicely in terms of our preparedness.

This afternoon we went on a day excursion to a nearby Mayan ruins called Dzibilchaltun. Dating back to 2000 BC through to 1600 AD, it marked the arrival of the Spaniards in the middle of the 16th Century. The ruins are known for the “Temple of the Seven Dolls” named after seven effigies found on the site by archeologists in the 1950s. The temple is perfectly aligned to frame the sun and moon at different times of the year associated with eclipses, and summer and winter solstice.

Another feature of the site was a dip in the ruin’s Cenote – a natural sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Most of our team took to the refreshing waters that had sustained the Mayans for over 4000 years. Very cool to be in the same cenote, experiencing the same thing, in a place where millions of Mayan’s had been for four millennia. And knowing we are all God’s creation, diverse as we are, separated geographically and by thousands of years in time.

Back to base for dinner and cake in celebration of Joanne Edwards Birthday – complete with a balloon animal making training session with Gary Edwards to finish the night off in preparation for our days ahead in the Missionary Arts Field. God was good to us today and every day.


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