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Goodtree Christian Fellowship: What we Learned (Part 2)

The reason I came on this mission trip was because I wanted to get a first-hand experience of what poverty actually looks like, as opposed to what they just show on TV. It's one thing to be told what an experience is like through the eyes and ears of another. But to experience it personally? That's a beast of an entirely different color. I wanted to see and hear the poverty with my own eyes and ears. I wanted to feel like I actually helped out. Even in some small way, I wanted to at least make some kind of difference from a first-hand perspective.

The high point of the trip for me was the end of the second program of the three program day. It was the longest day in terms of ministry we were doing, but I was pumped on adrenaline and would have gladly done more, had the opportunity been given to me. I was helping hand out T-shirts to those in need. I picked a handful of kid's shirts and spotted those whom I felt best needed the given shirt. And when I gave it to them, their face said it all. These kids who have far less than I do (materially speaking), were absolutely enamoured and enormously grateful for nothing more than simple a T-shirt. Where they see it as an amazing gift, we see it as just "another thing". I've never been that excited about owning a T-shirt in my entire life. In our society we're always so focused on the idea of "having more stuff" and the incessant need for instant gratification. We want things and we want them now.

Going into Progreso to do what it is that we did, I leave feeling humbled and amazed. Humbled that people who are less fortunate than I am could be so content with comparatively having so little. And amazed that despite all of the bad I see in the world, there is still some good in it. The people who work down here to improve the way of life are the real heroes. What I'll take away from this trip, other than all of the friendships I've made with each and every one of the team members, is to be happy and thankful for where I live and what I do have, because I don't do that nearly enough.

As for where I go from here, I'm not really sure. What I am sure of, is that I had an amazing time and I'm so glad that I did it.


Last day at the house...Today we spent most of the day cleaning. It was hard, but fun. We got everything in the house tidied up. After that we went to the beach; there were four adults and two kids. After supper most of the team went into downtown Progresso where we had churros and did some shopping. I was really excited to get my new sandals.

- Noelle (age 9)

Hey, my names Nathanael and this August I went on a missions trip to Progresso, Mexico with C-quest. I really enjoyed being there and meeting the people was really fun.

The highest point in my trip was when we went out to do three programs and on our third program the whole community came out to help make us a meal. That really touched my heart.


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