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WestPointe Community Church - Day 6

March 26, 2019 Today was a pretty interesting day. We had the Orphanage kids here for a pool party. Andrew Friesen started off our day with an amazing devotion on doing everything for the Lord. After cleaning up and getting everything ready the kids showed up. Once they got here we got into our groups. There were about 16 children so we had a couple groups with 2 youth and one child. I was in charge of a little 9 year old girl with the help of Keegan. I really enjoyed having some one on one time with her and learning all about her. I found out that her favorite color is rojo which is red. She really enjoys learning English. I have a little Spanish-English book that she was reading for about 15 minutes just learning lots of different words. When I was playing with her, I would hold up stuffed animals like a flamingo and a monkey and tell her what they were called in English. She would repeat after me very clearly with no trouble either. We all played games in the pool with the kids and had some one on one, which I know is really good for them. Everyone made sure they interacted with the kids as much as possible. I am very thankful that everything went good, everyone stayed safe and happy the entire time. After pool time we had an amazing lunch of hamburgers, hotdogs and salads. Later in the afternoon we did the verse and puppet play for the children, which they really enjoyed, followed by a piñata. Sadly after that we had to say goodbye. A few of us (including me) got extremely emotional when they left. One of the reasons that I got so emotional was because I knew that when they left they would be going back to the orphanage not to a forever family that is their own. I was adopted so I get some of what they’re going through. But the difference is that I found an amazing couple that agreed to give me a home at only 5 days old and I stayed with that family up until now so I don’t remember anything other then what I know now. So I am so grateful for that and I am praying that God will lead the right families there to give safe/loving homes for each child. I feel that everyone deserves a mother and a father who will love and teach them everything they need to know. At debrief tonight, I found out that being with the orphans was a really good experience for all of us.

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