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Family Mission Trip - March 2023

Thursday, March 30

This morning's devotion centered on a passage in Matthew 6 where Jesus teaches us to pray. "Our father in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done...." It can be very tempting to come to prayer with only our requests, without first acknowledging Gods sovereignty and his perfect will. We were reminded to trust God first in all things. How beautiful that we get to partner with God in his work. After a hearty breakfast we all jumped into our vans and made our way to Dzibilchaltun. As soon as we arrived we noticed that Jorge, one of our translators, was there with his school class. What a delight to see him and his students. This ancient historic site dates back to 500 BC, a time when the Mayan people inhabited this area. Sun screen was lathered on and water bottles came along as we wandered through and saw impressive stone temples, staircases, houses, and a central cathedral. Workers at this park are in the process of restoring these ancient artifacts and its amazing to think how people lived and worked in this hot and rugged land. Many of us bought cool refreshments and a few souvenirs at their gift shop and off we went again back to our base in Progreso.

We all relished our sandwich lunch, especially the chipotle mayo…yum!! Perhaps we can find this amazing sauce back in Canada. Swimming was next and none of us could wait to digest our food….swim suits were on in a flash and into the cool water we went. What a joy it is to see all the kids and adults bonding and enjoying each others company. At the beginning of the week bus rides were quieter and teammates kept a little more to themselves…now it’s feeling more and more like a big family. We are so grateful for the commonality of Jesus in our lives…what an amazing bond we can have with Christians here in Mexico and all over the world! A definite highlight to our day came during our evening ministry in Kanasin. Located south of Merida, this city has a poorer demographic and we had the opportunity to join a local children's ministry team (Rema Kids Club) at their outdoor neighbourhood park event. We joined their team and played carnival type games with the children, performed our Gospel program, and pastor William shared a heartfelt and engaging message. The energy and joy was evident all around us.

Thank you, Jesus! The M family


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