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WestPointe Community Church - Day 4

So today we learned in our devotional time from Tyler Reimer, that we tend to be like “birds trapped in a cage” and even when given an open way out we tend to stay caged. He explained that when we are given the way out of our sin through Jesus, we still tend to be scared about change or are content with the sinful life we are living and choose to be caged within our sin. If we follow Jesus though, He will lead us out of darkness and outside of our cage into freedom.

We also had the great pleasure of attending Pastor Miguel Lechuga’s home church. They did the coolest thing! They had the song lyrics on a TV screen that had Spanish and English lyrics for each song. They were all songs we knew, but what was really neat was that after they sung the Spanish lyrics, they would repeat the lyrics in almost perfect English and they sang louder than we did in English. It was really cool!

The sermon talked about how you shouldn’t hide a lamp under a bed because it’s like keeping your faith from the world. So we as Christians need to show our faith to the world.

Then, like one does in Mexico, we went to eat food. It was delicious. It was … TACO’s! Shocker, but wait there’s more, I had an ice cream cone with extra protein in it (if you know what I mean). Then we went through Merida’s main town square for a cultural experience, learning about Merida’s rich history.

Garth had a lot on his plate until today, seeing as it was a more layed back day, so we all GREATLY appreciated that.

I thank you for your prayers and support and I hope that you are enjoying your great Canadian weather.

P.S. – Mom, I’m safe.

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