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WestPointe Community Church - Day 2

Today was packed with different events and travels. Our team went to a park in Kanasin, which is a small town right outside of Merida. There we did our program and played a variety of games at a CampQuest outreach event. (Can we add something here about the impact) From there our day continued to the house of Miguel, the national CampQuest director and his wife, Alicia. It was very kind of him to open his home up for us. We shared a delicious lunch together, and got to hear his moving testimony.

In the afternoon, I was personally impacted through a Boy’s Home we visited, where ten boys live at the moment. They have access to a basketball court, table games, video games and more. Going there, I felt very relaxed. I could see God working through members of our team to connect with the boys there. We’re very glad to say that in our time with them, a young 13 year old named Liam gave his life to Christ. It’s amazing to see how God works with the broken through the broken.

Thank you for all your love and support during this time, and we continue to ask for prayer for health and safety. May God bless you there too.

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