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Westpointe Community Church Mission Trip

Today we partnered with Pastor Miguel to put on a program in a sports park in Mérida. Being a Saturday morning at the end of the holidays, only a handful of kids showed up. We performed our program and were encouraged to hear that two adults and four children were saved after the program. It’s amazing to see how the Lord brings those that need to hear his message.

In the evening we ministered in Hunucma with Pastor Ricardo and Pastor Miguel, with a few members from his church. It was encouraging to see the start of a church building in this remote village and a good turnout for the program. As well, to see a lot of children at the program. We served food to over 100 people. It was very encouraging to hear that 17 people accepted the Lord after the program. Finishing up in Hunucma, after a long day, was a reminder to follow the Spirits leading and step out of our comfort zones. I thank God for being able to see the power of his Spirit working today.

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