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Okotoks Evangelical Free Church - Day 4

Today we headed to Flamboyanes, a small village near Progreso, to play floor hockey and basketball and do our program for the local kids. It was amazing to see how welcoming they were the second we walked through the door. They were so friendly to me despite my terrible Spanish and they were so excited to play floor hockey. We then headed back to the base for an extremely appreciated swim and siesta. Then we headed to a church in Merida where we played Tiger Tail games and parachute and ended off performing our gospel program. After one of our games, a little boy gave me a piece of paper which I'm definitely keeping forever and when we had to say goodbye I found out that those kids give the best hugs. It was so cool seeing God work through the team as everyone interacted with the kids and became immediate friends.

Caitlin Madsen

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