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WestPointe Community Church - Day 7

March 28, 2019

Today was a day of cleaning and a lot more fun stuff. At the beginning of the day, Zach gave his devotional. He talked about his path with God and his journey, including how Paul was going through the same journey in Romans chapter 1. Romans 1 talked about how we are deserving of death, but God is merciful and forgiving. We then had a one-on-one session with God and ourselves. As a group, we then talked about the ministries we did and what God moments we saw and how it made us feel, including how this may change how we live at home since our experiences here. From this we moved on to pool time and swam in the backyard pool. The leaders surprised us with an amazing announcement, telling us all to come to the beach. That’s when Andrew, Martin, Keegan, Tyler, Caleb and Abagail decided to fully surrender their hearts to Christ and were baptized by Garth and Tyler. It was so powerful and amazing to see some of them give their hearts to Jesus and then all be baptized. Then from there on we had started to clean the base and the vans we used for the week. After cleaning we got on the busses that brought us from Progresso to Cancun. We had a 4-hour bus ride to Cancun where we boarded our plane to return home.


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