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Dalmeny Community Church - Day 3

Today in Mexico we had to be flexible. The weather has been wild the last few days. We have had rain and wind like crazy. We have had to hold our plans with open hands because things can change very quickly.

We had originally planned to to Camp John 3:16 to do a bit of a work project for them but because of the weather we had to change those plans. So we decided to head to Flamboyanes to the (Cant remember what it is called? Hope something?). When we arrived we had found that there were 5 girls that came out to the camp. A lot of the kids had decided to stay home due to the weather. So we started by doing our 2 songs for them. It was awesome to see the girls get right into it. The one song needed a partner and I was standing right beside one of the girls. Because there were 5 girls there was one girl left out. It took her a little to warm up to me but she eventually started to do the song with me.

After we had done the songs a couple of the kids in our group did a puppet show for the girls. Following the puppet show we had a craft for the girls to do with our kids. It was sweet to see our kids and the girls connect even though they didn’t speak the same language. They were asking each other questions like “what is your name?” And “What is your favourite colour?” Then they would teach each other how to say the colours in their respective languages. It was really amazing to see how something so simple as spending some time with these girls and connecting with them through smiles seemed to brighten their day.

I loved to see that these kids in Flamboyanes have a place where they can go to be safe. Apparently the city of Flamboyanes is a pretty rough place and a lot of these kids have rough situations at home. God is using this (Hope something, please input the right name) to be a light in such a dark place, and is a safe place for these kids to come shower and eat but also that they can hear the good news of Jesus!

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