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Brentview Baptist Youth Mission Trip

Ministry Day 5 – Saturday

Today we had the opportunity to visit a juvenile boy’s home and it was so amazing. We got to run through our program and hang out with them afterward. For me, however, it was hard because of the language barrier. All I wanted to do was be able to talk, explain, and have conversations because I thought that is what I needed to do for them to understand God’s love. Being on this trip has made me realize how big God is, because of how little I can communicate verbally. I am so used to being the mouth piece that when stripped away because of a language barrier – I don't know how to tell people about God and who He is. Somehow I had it in my mind that if I can't talk, they won't be able to understand how amazing God is. But I now know that I can't do that; I can only do what he asks of me – whether speaking, acting, or just simply smiling. Only God can truly reveal Himself to people. How do I describe God to those who do not know? Those who do not know forgiving and abundant love; Those who have never experienced the feeling of being loved beyond comprehension; To those who have never felt like someone would give all they have to save them. How can I describe that? How do I put His love into words that would do Him justice? How do I explain how deep his grace is, How wide his understanding is, Or how his mercy is truly incomparable to anything we know. How could I possibly put that into words? How do I truly portray how much He wants every one of us? How do I portray that feeling of not needing to be perfect, Because he accepts us where we are at and who we are. How can I portray the liberation of knowing you belong to someone who will never hurt you? How can I truly portray any of that? And the answer I have found is that I honestly can’t. Not the way that Christ can, but I'm ok with that. I personally can't describe God and His all abundant, Forgiving beyond comprehension, put it all on the table kind of love. I can't perfectly put his love into words, Or explain to full capacity his grace, mercy, and understanding. I will never be able to truly portray how much he wants every one of us, Or that peaceful feeling of being accepted and safe from the darkness of this world. I can't do that, but God can. Only God can show his love for all that it really is. Only God can extend that grace and mercy that will change a life forever. Only God can provide the experience of being accepted and loved by Him. All I can do is be the hands, feet, smile, or voice that he asks me to be. I can follow in His steps And be the best I can be. But at the end of the day it’s all because of Him, not all because of me. I guess what I learned today is that God is so much bigger than I can make Him seem, and He will always find a way to let his children feel His love! I will do my best to follow in His steps, but in the end all I need to do is love the way that Christ loves me and do the best I can!

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