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Brentview Baptist Youth Mission Trip

Ministry Day 3 – Thursday

Hi all! Today was a super cool experience with each team member getting an opportunity to serve.

First thing today, we served at the senior’s home in Mérida, where there were around 20-30 people living there. We helped serve them by preparing a pancake breakfast. We cooked tons of pancakes on the barbeque and then gave them to the seniors for their breakfast. It was so awesome to see how something I view as so small (after the thousands of pancake breakfasts I was just at during stampede) meant so much to them. It really makes you realize what you have. Once they were finished eating, we were able to show them bits and pieces of our program. The whole home was filled with song and laughter. We all loved it!

Once that all wrapped up, we took the time to get to know some of the people living at the home. We were able to spend time with them while we painted their nails and made balloon animals. It was so much fun. After we were finished, we arrived home and ate lunch. A siesta followed that (woo-hoo!). We were able to re-energize before we set out again that evening to serve at the hospital. We prepared another pancake breakfast, but this time there were A LOT more people. One of Gary and Joanne’s partners, Pastor Miguel, was able to reach out to a lot of people there.

I loved seeing how grateful people were. They really appreciated the fact that we took the time to serve them, and it was so encouraging. God has already opened up so many doors for us to share His love, and I can’t to see what he will do in the future.

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