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Millar College of the Bible Mission Trip

Day 21 in Mexico! It is wild to think that are time in Mexico is three-quarters of the way done. If you have been following our blogs, you will know that God has done some pretty amazing things. I cannot help but marvel at the mercy of God for what He has accomplished during our time down here. God is so deserving of our worship. And that is precisely how we began our day today.

David, along with Calum, led some worship songs to prepare our hearts for the day. I really appreciated this, because how we begin our days usually has a huge impact on the rest of the day. Beginning with worship, for myself at least, really prepared me to praise the Lord in all things throughout the rest of the day.

After singing some praises to the King of Kings, we set off to the church that Gary and Joanne regularly attend here in Progresso. We had the opportunity to paint the sanctuary together with some of the members of the church. This church is unique in the fact that they have an English and Spanish service on Sundays. So we had a mixture of the English and Spanish congregation working together. It is such an amazing picture to see two people from completely different cultures working alongside one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. There is something humbling about realizing that God hears them the same way that He hears us, even though we speak different languages. We had planned to be there for 2-3 mornings; however, we got the whole thing done by working for part of the afternoon, which was very exciting. God is truly a God of faithfulness.

This evening, after a short afternoon siesta, we were off to do a program in Flamboyanes. This is a very unique community with a lot of hardship. And because of this, a lot of hurting hearts as well. Before we arrived I thought about this place we were going to. I couldn’t help but think how Jesus pursues the broken-hearted – not the people that have everything together. That is why this was one of my favourite programs. Before the program, being able to play with the kids a bit – to get them to smile – was a real blessing. There were mostly kids at the program and when they got involved in some of the songs that we did, the atmosphere was much more informal. While we were doing the program there were some kids playing soccer behind the stage being fairly loud and distracting, or so I thought. However, when I looked into the crowd I realized that the kids that were watching were quite engaged in the program. Only by the grace of God! As I observed the whole situation I was reminded that the Gospel is being preached and heard, whether or not kids playing soccer are a distraction – and that is where the power is!

It was a really cool reminder that things do not always have to be done our way, but we must trust God's plan and purpose for all things. We have no clue what He may be doing in the kid’s heart that is being disruptive. Perhaps there is something stirring in his heart and he doesn’t know what to do about it. God is so much bigger than we make Him out to be! We are called to trust Him in all things, not to understand what He is doing in all things.

As I reflect on the day, I truly believe that God smiled upon us today. His patient loving hand guided and provided all day long. Whether it was energy, safety, or patience, He gave so much to us today. His fingerprints were evident today, like they are every day.

Thank you for your continued prayer support. I cannot even begin to describe how crucial prayer is in a ministry such as this. Unless God works, nothing happens. So thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to pray for the people of Mexico and us as we continue to be hands and feet for the Lord. God is doing something really cool here, and I am humbled that He would allow me to be a part of something so much bigger. Grace be with you.

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