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RockPointe Family Adventure Trip - Day 4

What is your story? Where are you from? Who loves you? Every person we meet, no matter what their skin color or socio-economic background, has a story that deserves to be heard. And more importantly, we all crave to be intimately known by our Creator. Our visit today to the senior orphanage at the Casa de Los Abuelos, with Pastor Miguel, pierced our hearts in many ways. Many of the team members, ourselves included, saw the difference that a meal, the hope of Jesus, and some prayer and listening ears can make. Many of the seniors’ eyes lit up when we asked them to speak a little about their lives and experiences. Although their circumstances are dire, many were not bitter at life. With some prayer, through a translator, you could see that their spirits were lifted. If only we could make such an impact when we return to Calgary. I am sure that there will be at least a small celebration in heaven.

After a Siesta in the afternoon, we went to a poor community, Flamboyanes, near Progreso. We set up parachute games, hoola hoops, floor hockey, basketball, and volleyball for the children, after they were dismissed from school, to join in the activities. The sound system pumping jam music made the start of this interaction with the locals, super fun. We then performed our Drama, from song and dance – the story of Noah’s Ark, a puppet show, a Drama skit about Faith, and chalk art. Following the show, there was coloring and more fun interaction with local families and their children. Again, equals. No masks to separate our color of skin or socioeconomic status. And certainly it did not matter which career we had as we mingled with laughter and hopeful spirits. We were all greeted warmly and said our goodbyes with being asked “What day will you be back?” The children kissed our cheeks and off we went in the vans. We are thankful for the local interpreters on the megaphone and for translating our Drama skit. We are also thankful for the ministry of C-Quest bringing hope to a community known for gang activity!

Stay tuned for the update of the 5th day of this journey tomorrow.

Blessings to all.

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