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Bethany Mexico Mission Trip Update - Day 5

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A day of emotion...In the morning we visited a nursing home in Merida. The lady who runs this home takes abandoned and ill seniors into her home to care for them. Today, she was living in her tiny house with 38 elderly people who would otherwise be homeless and dying on the streets. Even so, it was stunning to see bed after bed literally one beside the other, with absolutely no privacy or personal space available. When someone needs to be hospitalized they transport them by tying the wheelchair to a three-wheel scooter! What an amazing ministry of love and grace and sacrifice to 'the least these'. It was such privilege to minister in this place through touch and smiles and presence. We performed some parts of our program and the people seemed to light up, watching, especially the younger members of our team. We also shared a beautiful time of worship. These people, several near the end of their days here on earth, were so grateful for even the little we had to offer. The ladies loved their 'mini manicures' and the gentlemen seemed to really enjoy the colorful friendship bracelets. Many of us were fighting tears during this morning. We were then treated to an authentic Mexican lunch by Pastor Miguel Letchuga, his wife Alycia, and members of his church in their home. What a blessing to spend time with these gracious and generous brothers and sisters in Christ. In the afternoon, we travelled to an orphanage run by the Salvation Army. Even though we were hot and tired and fading when we arrived, the children's bright and fun spirits quickly revived us. We performed our program and they joined in with great enthusiasm and eagerness. Then with great haste and skilled driving, we made it back to Progreso just in time to gulp down some food and get the van loaded for our crochet event. We took 200 balls of wool and 28 crochet kits to the Jesus Presbyterian church. What a surprise we had when we arrived at a potluck that had been set up for us and the ladies of the church and community. We had an absolutely delightful time with over 38 people making crocheted dishcloths/facecloths. Even with just a few of us, the ladies helped each other and we had a wonderful time of fellowship! Some of our brave male team members were impressive as they stepped out of their comfort zones to support other members of the team! Our interpreters (including our Spanish speaking team members) not only interpreted for us but earlier, had even learned to crochet themselves, in order to understand what they would be explaining. Thank you all! I am so so privileged to have spent the last few days living and working in this unique community that God has brought together for this mission trip. He has been incredibly good to us to allow us to be part of some of the amazing things He is doing here in Mexico. He is stretching us and though not always comfortable, it is wonderful that He cares enough about us to enable us to grow and become closer to Him. This has also been a healing time with so much kindness and support. It is such a gift to be part of the body of Christ! Hasta luego desde Progreso (see you later from Progreso), Holly for the Team

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