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Bethany Mexico Mission Trip Update - Day 4


Yesterday was a day of contrasts - we observed the modern and the ancient; the wealthy and the poor. Our day started early as we headed out to the Mayan ruins in Dzibilchaltun. This served to give us some perspective on the history of the people we are ministering to - 40% of the people on the peninsula are Mayan and a majority of the people we are serving are from this people group. A couple of highlights from this excursion were conducting a prayer walk down the White Road that leads to and from the Temple of the Seven Dolls - praying for the Mayan people, that God would do mighty works in this land and that He would raise up the workers needed for this. The second highlight was swimming in a cenote and having fish pedicures (you're going to have to ask a team member about that one!). For the second half of the day we went to a small village with Pastor Miguel to present our program. It was sad to see that some of the houses the people are living in don't look any better than the ancient Mayan houses we saw earlier in the day. While some of us set up, others went out with interpreters inviting people to the program. The numbers were small in the beginning but continued to increase. The sun had set by the time we finished. We pray that seeds have been planted that Pastor Miguel can continue to water and that will grow. Two of our team members were down but not out. Aaron was sick and needed to spend the day at the base and Dustin sprained his ankle. Both are doing better today. Thank you everyone who has sent notes of encouragement. They have been much appreciated. Please keep us in your prayers. Hasta la proxima (till the next time), Carmen for the Team

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