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C-Quest serves in a supporting role to assist our partners in reaching the poorest communities in the Yucatán state of Mexico. Our three partners, Pastors Gama, Miguel, and Ricardo, each serve in unique ministry areas working with the local people, planting churches to bring hope and healing to those living in physical and spiritual poverty. We are thrilled with how God has directed and provided for the development of these ministries. As well, we are committed to maintaining strong long-term partnerships with these local pastors to bring Kingdom results both for those we serve in the Yucatán and for the teams serving with us. Check out our partners ministries below. Their lives of servanthood among the indigenous people in the Yucatán are a blessing and inspiration to us all.

Pastor Gama Canul

Pastor Gama Canul is director of Camp John 3:16 and long-time missionary to the Mayan people with a powerful testimony and a heart to reach children through a Christian camping experience, similar to one that changed his own life. Camp John 3:16 provides access to dozens of otherwise unreached villages in the Yucatán state of Mexico. Click on the links below to read more from our partners.

Pastor Miguel and Alicia Lechuga

Pastor Miguel Lechuga currently pastors a small, compassionate, community-focused church in Mérida . Their vision is to extend the kingdom of God in every state, town, and city to reach those who have not heard the Gospel message, bringing light and hope to those living in the Yucatán. 

Pastor Ricardo Rodriguez

Pastor Ricardo Rodriguez has planted a dozen churches in the Yucatán Peninsula and neighbouring state of Chiapas – some of the most spiritually deficient areas of Mexico. His latest church plant is located in the poverty-stricken area of Hunucma – home to many children who suffer from illiteracy and truancy, and their parents from addictions and depression. 

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