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C-Quest ministry base is located in the port city of Progeso, Yucatán, which is the safest state in Mexico and approximately four hours west of Cancun and 20 minutes north of Mérida.


When not at a ministry site or project, most of the daily life at the base is spent relaxing outside, with meals being served buffet-style and enjoyed on the covered deck overlooking the pool and beach. The base offers nine “basic-yet-comfortable” beach-side rooms and eight bathrooms to accommodate double, triple, or quadruple occupancy for team members in a variety of room configurations.


Although not air-conditioned, all rooms have ceiling fans and floor fans which keep the residents cool even during the hottest times of the year. There are hammocks, lounge chairs, and quiet sitting areas situated throughout the property for team members to enjoy.​


Contact us today to bring hope and healing to the Yucatán people.



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