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Pastor Miguel Lechuga


“When Canadians like you show up and show love through teaching, these children get really excited to learn. You are doing a small but important part to help these kids one day break the cycle of poverty, by providing them a leg up on their education and therefore their job prospects one day. What’s more, by offering these classes, you are helping us to reach more families with the Good News that there is a God who loves these children despite their difficulties in this life. Gloria a Dios por su ayuda y su enseñanza.”

Judy Huffman, Principal of Elementary, Bearspaw Christian School


"As a discipleship school, we continually strive to give our students opportunities to see real Christ-like service in action. One of our core values is commitment, and I am thrilled to be able to tell the students about the Cuthill family whose commitment to Christ is to serve Him in another culture. Our students have written letters to this family, been in class with their children last year, and are finding ways to actually experience mission service, even though they are young and in elementary school. The teachers and students are thinking of ways to help support the work C-Quest is doing. As well, five BCS families will be going on a short-term mission with C-Quest this spring. Our students and staff are able to be a part of being the hands and feet of Jesus, here and abroad. There is no way we could teach this and make it relevant without real people who are truly committed believers – seeing them in action and joining with them in this adventure. I love to see how God works in our lives and how He connects people in ways we could never imagine. Wow! He has connected our school with C-Quest. I can't wait to see what else is in store through this ministry connection.”  

David Friesen, Pastor of Family Ministries, Brentview Baptist Church


My family joined with a number of other families from our church to participate in a C-Quest Family Adventure with Gary and Joanne Edwards. I can easily say it was a highlight of our year.


As I reflect on our experience, a few things stand out to me.


1. There are so few organizations that engage children in missions. What was so unique, and one of the things I appreciated so much about C-Quest, was to participate in a missions experience together as a family. As parents and kids we were able to serve alongside other families and see God work through all of us.


2. Gary and Joanne were ready for us. Throughout the week I consistently found myself thinking about the positive experiences we received as a family. Each activity left us wanting more. I heard the same comments from other church families as well, while serving at a local church. As we left the church, I could hear a number of people wanting to go back and do more. While serving a local family in need, again I heard people wanting to find another family to help. By providing such a variety of activities for our family to participate in, our experience was much richer.


3. We had a lot of fun together. During our trip we had the opportunity to see what real life looks like in Mexico. We did things that the people of Mexico like to do for fun. From going to a local zoo, to swimming in a cenote, we felt like we were experiencing a more genuine look at Mexico, and not simply a resort-version. After our experience with C-Quest, we asked our kids if they would rather go on a regular vacation somewhere, or participate in another Family Adventure. There was no debate, everyone voted for the Family Adventure.


4. We received great value for our money. It was interesting to hear comments from team members as our trip was coming to a close. Consistently, people were saying things like, “How are we able to do all the things we’re doing for what we paid for this trip?” It was great to experience so many different things and create so many different memories together. One highlight that stood out to me was when we had the chance to help a local family. As we cleaned out their yard, we filled dozens of garbage bags full of garbage. What made the moment so significant for me was that I had a chance to do it with my son. We had a chance to live out the truth of the Bible together.


I would strongly recommend C-Quest to your family, to your church, or as an organization to partner with. Our family is grateful to Gary and Joanne, and the C-Quest team for all they do. “

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