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To help C-Quest other than through a financial donation, or by supporting someone on a short-term trip, check out the list below for our current needs.


C-Quest Mexico Staff:

C-Quest staff commit to serving under a faith-based financial support framework. This means that our work is supported by donations from people who believe in our ministry and choose to support us financially. Donations towards staff support (or any of C-Quest’s endeavors) are 100% tax receiptable. Interested in our application process? Contact us to learn more about open positions and logistics.


Mission Internships:

To experience what life as a missionary in the Yucatan is really like, come and serve with us for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. Geared for anyone age 16+, we have year-round opportunities for volunteer staff positions. You will work with our Mexican ministry partners, our short-term teams, and will undoubtedly wear many “sombreros” as you assist our staff in Progreso, helping wherever needed. Mission internship staff can raise support to assist in covering their cost-of-living expenses while working with us.


Home Team Volunteer :

We have many needs in Calgary: to raise awareness for C-Quest, to host fundraisers and information sessions, and to assist with the administration and ‘back office’ of C-Quest. Our “Team Canada” is dedicated to serving cross-culturally by donating time to serving C-Quest. Please contact us to find out how you can help our "Team Canada."



We have a lot of donations and equipment to transport to Mexico. It is expensive to transport materials to Mexico, so the more we can bring down for free, the better. If you are planning on coming to visit us, please don’t go empty-handed. We’d love to give you a bag or two to transport for us.  



While we are hosting guests, we require cooks to help prepare meals, as well as maintenance people to ensure the base runs smoothly. This commitment is usually for 10 days. A great volunteer job for an ex-pat or local Progreso resident who wants to lend a hand. 


Casa C-Quest Projects:

We’ve got walls that need to be painted, plumbing and electrical jobs that need to be completed, shelves that need to be built, and kitchen repair work to be done. Some of these projects need very little skill, and others require some skilled/experienced hands.


Host a Fundraiser:

Help us to continue our Aid and Mission work in Mexico. Contact us to see how you can host a fundraiser to help with a specific project or to raise money for a particular area close to your heart. We can help you plan and will even come out and do a presentation for your guests.


Interested in helping? Get in touch with us today.

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