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Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Q: When is your next Family Adventure trip?

When do you want to go?  If you put a team together of at least 12 people, we can customize a trip for you almost anytime. Check out our news and events page for upcoming trips.

Q: Why the application process?

A: We require the standard statistical information for all team members. Our desire is to assemble a team of believers who are willing to serve God in a variety of ways. We take our responsibilities for assembling our Family Adventure teams seriously and therefore ask that you provide us with at least two references who know your family well. One of your references must be a pastor from the church your family regularly attends. C-Quest reserves the right to decline applications if our selection committee feels that this particular mission trip is not suitable for your family.

Q: How do I get an application?

A: You can fill it in on our website and submit it in just a few minutes.  How easy is that!?

Q: Are there any age restrictions?

A: Yes. We recommend that children be at least five years of age, and that all participants be in good physical health.

Q: Will there be any opportunity for sightseeing?

A: We will usually set aside one day for relaxation and sightseeing at the end of the trip. We also break up the trip from time to time with half-day excursions and outings to local points of interest.  This area is SO rich in culture and history!!!

Q: Can we extend our stay longer?

A: Yes. We can arrange for your flights to leave earlier or return at a later date. If you wish to extend your trip as a family vacation, then go for it!

Q: How do I raise the funds?

A: Ask for God's direction. Does He want you to do this? Where God directs He provides. "Ask and you will receive, knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you shall find."
B: Commit it to the Lord. Take some time each day to pray for your financial needs and leave them with the Lord. "Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Psalm 20:7
C: Talk to your church. Many churches have money available to people just like you who want to serve God on a missions trip but can't financially afford the full cost. Maybe they'll give you a few minutes in a service to share what you want to do. We have promotional material available (videos and print material) that are perfect for this.
D: Talk to friends and relatives. Sending a letter to friends and relatives, explaining your situation will often show you just how generous God can be through His people! Donations to your missions trip are tax-deductible providing they are made to C-Quest, prior to the trip, as contributions to your support.

Q: Are there any additional costs involved?

A: The price for the trip covers pretty much everything (did we mention the cool t-shirt?), except the food and entertainment/sightseeing during the "Wind-down" in Cancun. You can eat and do pretty much what you want with your family during this time. There are a couple exceptions though that can increase the overall cost of such a trip. We take into consideration many factors when we list a "price" for such a trip.  There may be additional costs at the resort depending on the size of your family and ages of family members. For example, families consisting of more than four may need to upgrade to a one or two-bedroom unit. Families staying in the same unit with children over the age of 12 may incur additional costs as stipulated by the resort, since they are considered "adults" and are billed accordingly. These costs are beyond our control.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?

A: Yes. All cheques need to be made payable to C-Quest. This way, you can get financial assistance from friends, family or even your church... and they receive the tax deduction. American donations/payments can be sent to a US partner of ours who can issue American tax receipts. That's a good thing!

Q: Is the trip tax deductible if I pay for it myself?

A: Yes

Q: Will there be any formal training?

A: Yes. We appreciate how busy families are and how difficult it can be to set aside time for additional training. So, with that in mind, we will limit our training and orientation to pre-trip digital documents (via email or online) and in-country training sessions.

Q: What types of ministry activities will we do?

A: Short-term mission teams typically get involved in a variety of activities including running a kid's club (VBS style program), evangelism (testimonies, music, drama, etc.), work in hospitals (visitation, prayer), visits to poor neighborhoods, and light construction. Our Family Adventure teams will be trained by C-Quest staff in a gospel variety arts program upon arrival; however, if some of our participants have special talents, these will certainly be put to good use while you're there.

Q: How big will the team be?

A: Well, that's up to God! It also depends on how large a group our partners can handle. Usually we take between 18 and 26 people, plus staff and translators.

Q: Can I book and pay for my own flights?

A: Yes. You can use Air Miles or any other mileage plan, or form of transportation to get you to our ministry destination.  You will need to ensure that you can arrive at our destination in time to meet the rest of the team.  Should you decide to arrange and pay for your own flights, simply deduct $600 for each flight off the price of the trip.

Q: How do we get there?

A: Any way you want!  You can fly (use Air Miles, travel points, or find a discount flight), drive, arrange a bus or motorhome trip with other families (it’s 6000 km from Calgary!)...however you want, as long as you arrive in Cancun or Progreso on the day we begin our ministry.  The sooner you decide, the easier flights will be to book.  Spring Break is the busiest time of the year to fly to Mexico.

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"My Mission trip changed my life and my outlook on my future. I was so happy to help!"- Alexa

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